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Dear Friend,

Are you constantly thinking that there has to be more to life? Do you lead a full life now? Have you a plan for the future? Is your financial future secure? Is your family protected if you are unable to work? These are challenging questions that we also had to face. We found answers – and a financially sound future. What you are about to read changed our financial future forever. If you are facing these questions, Please read on. What turned our lives around can do the same for you!

How would you like money arriving in your mailbox everyday? Imagine working from home, setting your own hours, living where you choose. Imagine also your income increasing every year – even doubling or tripling! This is what our work does for us, and it can do the same for you!

Our market is expanding so fast that we need your help NOW!! What would you say to $500 to $6,000 more per month within the next 30-90 days – working from home part-time? Thousands like us do this every day. We are doing it and we will not only teach you, but also work with you personally every step of the way.

Be very careful! You can choose to quit reading this right now and go on with your everyday life, or you can read the true success stories and take the first steps to chance your financial future forever. These successes may never have happened if these people had not made the right choice and follow it up with action!

John and Lezlee:

Hi! My name is John, I have always considered myself an ambitious person. However, it took me nine monthsjohn_lezleesm.jpg (13648 bytes) after graduation from college to get my first job. For the next three years, I felt kicked squarely in the teeth by bosses who were iron fisted and even addicted to drugs, along with co-workers who were constantly engaged in office politics. I always felt frustrated and left out in the cold.

I received a booklet in the mail and as I read it, the stories seemed real and touched my heart. When I found that I would have an experienced mentor helping me every step of the way, I was ecstatic. The more I learned about this program, the more excited I became. I knew that my search was over.

I immediately went to work. Initially, I started in my spare time. By my eleventh month, I was earning over $9,000 per month - working part time from my home. This is when I decided to say good-bye to my full-time job in corporate America. It really has worked for me because I remained teachable!

It's hard to believe! In less than a year, I am free and making a six-figure income. Best of all, through this business, I was able to meet my wonderful wife Lezlee! Lezlee and I now have the time to spend with family and friends and don't have to worry about answering to others.

With the income that this business has given us, I have been able to go from living in a tiny, little apartment to a gorgeous 4,000 square foot home with an in-ground swimming pool. Plus, we have the time, money and freedom to travel extensively. Last year we took one trip to Cancun, Mexico, and a second vacation/cruise to the Virgin Islands! Imagine having the income and freedom to do what YOU want to do every day! It is wonderful!

The greatest part is yet to come. Instead of being stuck in some corporate job, being kicked around and getting a whopping 3% annual raise, I am in control of how much I make. I love what I am doing. It really has worked for me because I remained teachable!

Successful people learn from their mistakes and above all, these people know that success lies in persistent ACTION. The only time we fail is when we give up and stop trying.

Never give up! No matter how difficult your circumstances or desperate your situation, start where you are at this very moment, TAKE THIS FIRST STEP! And remember, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

Betty R.:

Hi! My name is Betty. I was a country girl born and raised in Ridgely, Tennessee, married at the age of 14 and had 5 children by bettyrobertson.jpg (23007 bytes)the age of 21. Before I was 30, my first husband died of cancer leaving me to take care of the children on a part-time job barely paying a $100 per week.

Despite the hardship, my faith in God sustained us and I saw all my children successfully graduate from college. Inspired by their success, I enrolled myself in school and shortly after earned my GED. After this I graduated from a Beauty College and opened my own shop and ran it for 11 years. Unfortunately, I had to give up the shop for health reasons. I was sick all the time. I also had the responsibility of my mother, handicapped brother and aunt, I really needed a breakthrough.

Several months ago I received a booklet in the mail that has really changed my life. In the booklet, I read several life changing success stories that made me feel as though I had found the answer to my prayers. I wanted to make at-least $500 a month. To my surprise and excitement I made over $700 dollars my first month. I count my blessings everyday and I am doing better every month, and so can you...

Jan S.

My name is Jan. When Mark and I received a booklet in the mail he was self-employed as an insurance and investment consultanjan_s.jpg (18349 bytes)t, a business he had come to hate. I was working at a local hospital as a Registered Nurse, and although I loved taking care of people I was increasingly dealing with equipment and paperwork instead of people! I wanted to stay home with my son when he was born, but although we had lived comfortably with two incomes we couldn’t figure out a way to make ends meet with just one. It broke my heart to have my son being raised in day care! After reading stories of others who were making really good incomes working from home, I decided to order a package of information. I was so skeptical that I was surprised when I actually received a package. I looked it over and decided that with the training and support offered that I could learn how to build my own home based business. That decision has forever changed our lives! We started working a plan given to us by our mentors with the Newest Way to Wealth, and the first month working only part time around my other job I earned $1000. Now Mark and I work from home around BOTH our children. We’ve been able to take our family on incredible vacations to Disney World and a Caribbean cruise, plus we earn an average of $10,000 every month which is much more than I could have ever earned in my hospital job. The best part is our income is expected to double this year! I am so glad that I went ahead and ordered that package and got started even though I was skeptical and scared. You can’t put a price tag on the time we spend with our children or the life this business provides for our family.

Robin S.

Hi! My name is Robin S. I am a physical therapist anr_smith.jpg (18368 bytes)d for over fifteen years I had a private practice and taught at two large Universities. While I truly enjoyed my profession, the long hours and time spent away from my two young children was taking its toll both physically and emotionally on our family. I realized that if I didn't do something to make a change in our lifestyle, I'd be in the same position five years from now wishing I had done something about it five years before. After a lot of soul searching, I decided to sell my practice and pursue some other opportunities that would allow me greater flexibility and more time with my family. During that time, I received a booklet in the mail. I read the testimonials with much interest but also with great skepticism. After keeping it on my desk for over a month, I called my sponsor who explained the business to me and who told me he would be personally working with me to get my business going. He taught me a step by step process to get my business started and was there to help me every step of the way.

In my very first month I made $2000 working part-time from my home! After four months I decided to work the business full-time and made over $5000 in profit! Each month my income continues to go up. Calling the number in the back of that small booklet changed my life. It can do the same for you!

steve_debbiesm.jpg (14812 bytes)Hi! My name is Steve. Before this business, I was working for the US Postal Service as a mail carrier. My wife, Debbie, managed our family owned restaurant. After working a full day at the Post Office, I would help Debbie at the restaurant until midnight every day. We worked 16 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week. In spite of working constantly, we found ourselves deeper in debt each month, our credit card bills and bank loans were over $140,000. We were facing bankruptcy and were terrified. Worse still, because Debbie and I were so preoccupied with our failing business, our three children paid the heaviest of price. Robert, our youngest son who was 7 at the time, would spend his entire day in our restaurant in a utility room that we converted into a make-shift bedroom. Due to our neglect, his life became so unsettled, he began to stutter to the point that he could barely speak. Our 16-year old daughter, Cari, wanted to go to college but there was no money for her. In addition, our 18-year old son, Ryan, got involved in things that broke our heart.

Financially, we were at the lowest point in our lives. In desperation, we began searching for a business that would allow us to make money and spend more time with our children. Debbie and I looked at over 100 different businesses before deciding on this business. We saw and spoke to so many different people making a lot of money. Debbie and I agreed that they were just regular people like us and, if they can do it, we can too.

Our first month, working from home, we made over $3,000. Within several months we were earning over $8,000 per month. After just over a year in this business, I was making twice my Post Office salary and decided to quit my job and focus full time on my highly successful home basmansion.jpg (10475 bytes)ed business. Within a short four and a half years of full time effort, our income has grown to over $28,000 per month and is growing even more each month. Needless to say, we are very excited.

This business allowed us to pay back our $140,000 debt and saved us from bankruptcy. Now, Debbie and I spend a lot of time caring for and attending to our children. Robert no longer has speech problems. Cari attends a college of her choice and money is no longer an issue. Ryan, caught up in our excitement, decided to join us in this business and currently makes over $4,000 per month. We work from home around our family and take unbelievable vacations and do things we never dreamed possible. I try not to take what we have for granted by always remembering where we were a few short years ago.

"The foregoing income examples are not intended to represent that all or any representatives will earn income of the stated amount. Rather they testify to the results that have been experienced by representatives who have devoted the time, talent, hard work, and willingness to follow the guidance and training of their mentors in building their businesses. Not everyone will make the same income levels since the success of each is determined by his/her desire, dedication, teachability, and willingness to work".

We all read about how the Internet is changing life as we know it and how it is permanently changing the way business is conducted throughout the world. According to experts, Internet based businesses look forward to tremendous growth in the near future. We are a company that offers a proven, start to finish, Internet based business program. We are offering you a simple easy method where you can make money working for yourself, over the Internet, from the comfort of your own home. Our program provides a simple, yet effective plan, a complete set of tools, training/skills development and a strong mentor/protégé program that will allow you to become a successful home based business on the Internet. This program gives you the ability to work from home, make your own schedule and the opportunity to set your own income goal. By working smarter, not harder, you can reach your goals for a better life for yourself and your family.

We are looking for highly motivated people who are looking for either an alternate career or would like to run a small business to supplement their current income. With this opportunity you can work from your home at your own pace. You will be able to set your own working hours and achieve a better balance between your career and your family life. Because there are no limits, you have the ability to set your own goals for income targets. We will provide you a complete methodology, tools and training needed to reach higher potentials.

It is important for you to understand this is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme. Your success depends on your dedication and motivation. We will show you how to use the power of the Internet to reach global markets, but the commitment must come from you. The amount of money you earn depends on your goals. This is a $400+ billion industry that continues to grow at a rapid pace. Think about how your lifestyle can change and all the things you can do for yourself and your family. Thousands of people are doing this business successfully today; you can do this as well. We will provide you with all the support you need to achieve your goals and the lifestyle you have always desired. We invite you to take the next step…

Your first step is to download an eBook which we are offering for Free for a limited Time Only!!. Browse through the information and follow the directions on how to take your next step to Working from Home with Mail Order and the Internet. You must download the eBook viewer first!!

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Michael Lemmons

P.S. I am looking forward to being your personal mentor. I will guide you through every step so you will not fail!!

P.P.S. A very popular question from our clients outside of the United States is "Will this business work for me?"

Our business is rapidly expanding around the globe, and is currently available in the following countries:

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Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
Hong Kong
The Netherlands
New Zealand
Slovak Republic
South Africa
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States

China Coming Soon!!

If your country is listed here, you are eligible to start doing business immediately. However, if your country is not listed here, it does not mean we won't be there very soon. Because our company is expanding into several countries a year, yours could be the next one to become available. This is an optimal position to be in, one that you will definitely want to take advantage of. Due to the fact that countries can "open" only once in our industry, if you are one of the first to receive this valuable information and one of the first to start softening your market, you will belong to an exclusive group of international leaders. Our experience in 43 countries confirms this fact.

One of the strongest aspects of our business is the on-going training that is offered. We have International Training's on an ongoing basis in most major cities. Weekly conference calls are also available, as well as satellite television training programs, monthly magazines and quarterly journals. Our company does over 1.5 billion US Dollars in business annually and you too can be a part of this growth.

After you order your "International Decision Package", and go through all the materials, we will call you and your personal training program will begin. At that point, we will also be happy to locate the nearest training to you, which are available in numerous translations. We have training being conducted in over 27 different languages world-wide!

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Thank you once again,

Michael Lemmons

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